It does NOT work with SP1

first post: Marsi wrote: So don't waste your time installing it.

latest post: wooferiz wrote: It doesn't work either, when i build with Visual studio 2010 SP1.

FAIL - Visual Studio just stopped working and asked to restart or debug.

first post: davodotnet wrote: When I enabled the plugin and recompiled, Visual Studio just stoppe...

latest post: Krayol wrote: I'm seeing the same behaviour on recompiled version in XP x86.

Latest trunk - parallel build runs only once

first post: darilek wrote: Hello, first thanks for great addin :-)I've little problem with rep...

latest post: Krayol wrote: I'm still seeing this behaviour

Build deployment package

first post: rocco337 wrote: I did not find any info about this but when VSSpedster is active y...

Can We Launch the application w/ debug

first post: jhamady wrote: after the parallel build runs can we run the application to debug ?

Compile using source code in VS2010SP1 to use in SP1.

first post: taltool wrote: Have it up and working on my SP1.Great addon.

No Toolbar Button

first post: adamhill wrote: The AddIn shows up in Tools->AddIn Manager and I can enable and dis...

latest post: AndreZiegler wrote: I also had to add the button my own, but the parallel build is disa...

Built-in funcationality

first post: Ph03n1X wrote: I'm a little confused, Visual Studio has had a built-in option to s...

latest post: Ph03n1X wrote: Ah, it would seem you are correct. Thanks for the info.

Parallel build never indicate finished

first post: solo95 wrote: Hi, I've just tried this good utility! :)It seems to work properly,...

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