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VS Speedster - Improve the performance of your Visual Studio
  • This addin will change your build related commands to trigger MSBuild with parallel compilation massively reducing the build time of your project and improving the responsiveness of the VS UI while the build is running.
  • Errors are also integrated in the Error List.
  • Sometimes it gets stuck (1 out of 5) but you stop it and start it again and it works (there is a stop button in the toolbar or you can press Ctrl+Break.
  • It interferes a bit with R# when you try to run unit tests from R# but it's easy to disable (click on the Enable Parallel Builds Button in the Debug Toolbar or Build Menu)

Why do you want VSSpeedster:

If you have a multi-core/multi-cpu machine this tool can massively reduce the build time for you solution.
Few Testimonials:
  • It got my build times from 1m to about 15 seconds on a project. (@Corneliu
  • Took OrchardCMS from 19 sec on desktop to 4.2 secs build time. (@JustinKing)

#. Extract all the files from this archive to the following folder:
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\AddIns
#. Restart VS
#. Open Tools->Addin Manager
#. Enable VSSpeedster in the Addin Manager (first and second column checkboxes)
#. Now you should get a new button on the "Build" toolbar "Parallel Builds" (icon looks like two parallel lines)
#. Any Build/Run operation will not be run as a parallel build.
You can Turn On/Off the Parallel builds by clicking on the Parallel Builds.

!!To Uninstall:
Just delete the files.

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